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You aren’t a digital ad agency.

You aren’t a digital ad agency. You don’t specialize in direct mail. You probably don’t have 20+ developers working on your every website whim. And you definitely don’t have an international printing and shipping facility ready to bring your communications straight to your customers.

That’s why there’s DG3 Custom Communications, it’s our job to bring all these facets of your marketing collateral and strategies to life. You’ve been selected to “walk through” our process so you can experience the DG3 difference for yourself.

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From ideation and concept, to printing and distribution, we do more than just assist tactically.

DG3 is a true partner that does everything to do ONE thing, solve issues. Here’s how:

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Enabling unconventional pet parent outreach and brand loyalty.

Blue Buffalo, the nation’s fastest-growing provider of premium pet food is cementing its leadership position in the US and around the world. They require a partner to manage their unconventional pet parent outreach programs ranging from couponing to in-store promotions to veterinary clinic relationship development…

morgan stanley logo

Streamlining millions of pages of custom communication into one output stream.

Morgan Stanley needs to provide complex disclosure to holders of one of its financial products. The disclosure is dependent on what the holder owns and a series of other data points. Based on this information, the holder could receive from 16 to over 100 pages of information. Traditionally, Morgan Stanley would print hundreds of thousands of pieces of material…

vertex logo

Helping patients through disease ending treatments.

Vertex created the world’s first cure for Hepatitis C and the treatment was complex and sometimes painful. They needed a way to connect with the patient population to encourage staying the course of treatment and giving helpful guide on the path to the cure. DG3 developed a complex data-driven email marketing program for Vertex that triggered…

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