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With over 40 years of experience and as a global leader in business communication and marketing solutions, DG3 is trusted by some of the largest companies. We deliver client-centric, data-driven, omni-channel solutions for companies in a variety of industries around the world.

Our Mission

We strive to deliver innovative business communication and marketing solutions executed to the highest standards for the most reputable and discerning companies by investing in best-in-class talent, technologies, and responsible business practices.

Our Brand Pillars

The Right People Behind The Best Technology

At the heart of DG3 is our people and our technology. We invest in the newest, most cutting edge tech with the understanding that it’s just 1s and 0s without the right individuals to channel its power. That’s why our people take precedence; we truly believe that a well supported, aligned, and engaged employee-base translates into better experiences and outcomes for our clients. With a highly skilled and specialized workforce, we take an advisory approach to every project, each step of the way. DG3 brings together the best experts in communications with industry leading technology to deliver for our clients on time, in full, and on budget.

Partnerships Forged By Trust

Trusted by some of the largest companies, our strategic blend of experts, services, and secure technologies combined with a flexible infrastructure allow us to quickly pivot and deliver for our clients, no matter their unique challenges. We believe trust is earned in the details, and we have an expert eye for them. Whether you need to brainstorm your next multi-channel marketing campaign or deploy time-critical, compliant communications at a moment’s notice, our hands-on account executives, certified project managers, and technical experts are here for you 24/7. Our world class data security practices ensure that your data and your reputation are safe with DG3.

Measurable Outcomes, Actionable Analytics

Data is empowering. At DG3, we measure everything with a drive for continuous improvement. Long before any communications are deployed, we work with our clients to set goals and KPIs in order to measure success and unearth optimizations throughout the communication lifecycle. Our approach towards transparent accountability is baked into everything that we do, both internally and externally. That means meeting and exceeding client expectations today, while also evolving as a company to meet the demands of the market tomorrow.

Responsible, Sustainable Growth

We know the impact our work can have on this world, and we take that seriously. As shepherds of the future of business communications, DG3 is committed to giving back to underserved communities and setting new green standards in our industry so that we can continue to conduct business and grow in a way that’s best for our clients, our team members, our communities, and our planet – today and tomorrow. Through many community- and environmentally-minded initiatives, including DG3 Cares, Safe@Work and the DG3 Green Team, our mission is to responsibly grow our services and achieve the highest impact for our clients while reducing environmental waste and social inequalities, leaving a rich legacy on which future generations can build.

Our Story


3 Print Manufacturers Founded

Roda Print in London, Cunningham Graphics International Inc. (CGI) in the USA, and Workable in Hong Kong were founded.


Strategic Alliances & Going Public

CGI formed a strategic alliance with Roda Print in London and Workable in Hong Kong in order to provide multi-time-zone printing to global clients. CGI acquired both companies and floated on the NASDAQ.


Strategic Expansion

CGI made two further acquisitions in the UK: Apollo UK Limited and Goldhawk Print Services Limited.

Cunningham Graphics International Inc. was acquired by Automatic Data Processing Inc. (NYSE: ADP).

CGI Group acquired 3D Digital Limited in London.

CGI established CGI Squared, a technology-focused creative communications business.


DG3 is Born

Peter Furlonge acquired CGI’s Europe and Asia businesses from ADP Inc. in a Management Buyout.

CGI acquired North America business from ADP, Inc.

CGI changed its name to DG3 – Diversified Global Graphics Group.


Investing in Growth

DG3 acquired PharmAid Industries, a leading supplier of communication services to leading pharmaceutical firms.

DG3 was recognized with a No. 4 ranking on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Top 20 Printers List and achieved G7® Masters Proof-to-Print certification through IDEAlliance.

DG3 acquired 1StopXBRL Limited, a supplier of iXBRL and XBRL managed tagging services.


Services Expansion to Marketing & Financial

DG3 acquired The Ace Group, which enabled it to offer omnichannel communications solutions and led to the formation of DG3 Digital Marketing.

DG3 Europe Limited acquired UK-based FS Moore Limited.

DG3 Group (Holdings) Limited acquired the Manufacturing & Print Related Trade & Assets of UK’s Sterling Financial Print Limited.


Aggressive Strategic Transformation

DG3 formed Argyle, a market leading advisory services firm providing shareholder communications strategy, design, and execution services for public companies.

DG3 acquired Digital Publishing Solutions Inc., an early-stage provider of cloud document management solutions to Mutual Funds and Public Companies.

DG3 completed a multi-million dollar HP digital inkjet and cut sheet print platform investment.

DG3 acquired Marange Printing to upgrade its commercial print platform and MPI Mailing Services.


DG3 completed a transaction with new private equity investor, Resilience Capital Partners, to deepen financial support and accelerate communications strategy.

DG3 Group (Holdings) Limited merged its offset print operations with London-based Leycol Printers Limited. As part of the transaction, Leycol Printers merged into DG3.

Argyle launched the industry’s first Disclosure Database, a comprehensive searchable database of graphic disclosures, to help the nation’s leading public companies understand and meet investor expectations.

DG3 installed a state-of-the-art Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106 eight color sheet fed press in its North American operations to improve speed and quality to clients.

DG3 Group (Holdings) Limited acquired the print related assets of Bedford-based Newnorth Print Limited.

DG3 Hong Kong’s marketing booklet named “Dream Big” won the “Best In Digital” in Asian Print Awards 2019 and was also the Gold Winner under the digital print category.

DG3 acquired Ryan Edwards Communications, Inc. (REC), a leading global supplier of outsourced graphic communications and print solutions to the cruise industry.


DG3 Divests Hong Kong and London Businesses

DG3 divests its Hong Kong business to a strategic partner and former investor in DG3 and divested its London business to Paragon Communications. The transactions allow DG3 to continue to offer global services while focusing its strategic investment in the United States business.


Latest Developments

DG3 launches Cruise Industry Managed Services through its acquisition of Ryan Edwards, Inc., a leading provider of print services at sea. DG3 also accelerates its Promotional Services division to make it one of the largest in the nation. DG3 invests millions of dollars to make major platform investments that increase capabilities and capacity across digital print, offset print, finishing and mailing operations. DG3 also sells its Argyle division to Labrador Regulated Information Transparency.