Diversified Global Graphics Group’s (DG3) North American Division Awarded G7 Masters Proof-to-Print Status

Jersey City, New Jersey, October 30, 2009 – DG3 North America, Inc., a leading provider of integrated print and electronic communications solutions, announced today that it has achieved G7¬ Masters Proof-to-Print certification through IDEAlliance. This status allows DG3 to certify it’s printing equipment as a G7¬ Master Printer, providing its’ customers with the assurance of consistency and quality from proof through to print.

G7¬ is a method for matching color across multiple printing devices, such as printing presses and proofing systems. It can be applied to any printer that has a calibration process that allows control over CMYK ink consistency. The goal of G7 is to provide visually consistent, repeatable color between different devices (like proofers and printers) as well as different presses, and even different facilities. The emphasis in this specification is on gray balance. Since human vision sees differences in gray more readily than more saturated colors, this specification is more likely to result in successful visual “matching” than merely matching solid ink densities which is typically done for more traditional processes.

“Achieving the level of G7 Master Printer is part of our on-going commitment to provide our clients with the highest-quality printed output. By successfully completing the process we’re able to offer our clients a level of confidence, certainty and consistency in the quality of our workmanship that is regularly expected in the commercial marketplace.” said Peter Henn, DG3 North America’s Vice President of Customer Operations.

The G7¬ specification process was developed by IDEAlliance to modernize and improve the GRACOL» and SWOP» standards while simplifying the calibration process of any printing device from pre-press proofing systems to printing presses.

About The DG3 Group of Companies:

DG3 is a leader in environmental sustainability providing integrated print and electronic communications solutions and operating in strategic geographic markets worldwide including Jersey City, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, and Manila. DG3 provides its solutions to corporate, financial services, pharmaceutical and academic institutions worldwide. For more information, please visit www.dg3.com.


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Joe Lindfeldt, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing