DG3 Europe Ltd Presents Print Work at Downing Street

London, England – 20th November 2008 – Commercial printer DG3 had its work scrutinised by the highest order this week as one of its latest print jobs was presented to Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

East-London-based DG3 had been commissioned by London’s leading independent design agency, Bell Design and Communications Limited (www.belldesign.co.uk) to produce the Prime Minister’s Global Fellowship book, which was unveiled at 10 Downing Street.

The Prime Minister’s Global Fellowship was launched this year by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and the British Council, and offers young people the chance to participate in schemes to learn about how to contribute to the global economy.

Around 100 UK school leavers were sent by the Prime Minister’s Global Fellowship to China, Brazil and India to study each country’s approach to unlocking talent, enterprise and entrepreneurship.

The children are reporting back to the Prime Minister through the book, which DG3 completed this weekend.

DG3 Europe’s Director of Digital Operations, John Macdonald, said: “We have utilised all of our resources, which include litho and digital technology and the latest colour management software, to produce this high-profile project within a very demanding schedule.”

Bell Creative Director, Ian Allison, added: “For Bell, this is the high-point of a year-long branding campaign. We have worked with DG3 collaboratively (literally overnight) to ensure that the book itself is a stunning example of what this country can offer the world in terms of creativity and quality.”

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DG3 is a leading provider of worldwide print and communications solutions operating in strategic geographic markets worldwide including Jersey City, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, and Manila. DG3 provides comprehensive graphic communication solutions to corporate, financial services, pharmaceutical and academic institutions worldwide. For more information, please visit www.dg3.com.

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Bell is an integrated design and brand communications agency. We specialise in bringing clarity and creativity to marketing and communications challenges. With an exceptional track record going back more than 30 years, and established clients in the private, public and third sectors, we are recognised for our ability to plan, create and – crucially – deliver intelligent integrated campaigns, relevant brands and compelling design and content across all media. For more information, please visit www.belldesign.co.uk

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