DG3 Digital Marketing AddsAugmented Reality and Commercial-Grade Mobile Apps

Partnership with iMobile3 Expands Mobile Engagement Offerings

Jersey City, NJ, January 28, 2013 _ Diversified Global Graphics Group (DG3), a global marketing and visual communications company, announced today new mobile engagement capabilities from its Digital Marketing Group. These include: the creation of animated augmented reality experiences for users of tablets and smartphones and the development of commercial-grade mobile applications. These capabilities, offered through a partnership with iMobile3 of Jacksonville, Florida, place DG3 at the forefront of sophisticated mobile technology providers who can build and deliver native mobile apps and augmented reality animations.The new offerings seamlessly integrate into DG3 Digital Marketing’sfamily of mobile engagement solutions, which include mCommerce campaigns, Near Field Communication (NFC), QR codes,mobile-optimized websites, data tracking, and analytics reporting.

Joe Lindfeldt, Executive Vice President of DG3 explains, ñAugmented reality can provide a unique and engaging experience unlike any other mobile capability.î AR technology begins with the creation of 3D models that are transformed into interactive objects. The technology leverages keystone images, called trackables, which are encoded as a series of points. These images can be printed on paper, clothing, or viewed electronically from a website. When a mobile deviceÍs camera is focused on the trackable image from any angle, the AR technology recognizes the image and executes the associated 3D augmented reality experience. Objects are fully scalable and can respond to touch events, trigger pop-up windows and be rotated in virtual space by moving the device around the keystone image. The resulting experience makes the object appear as if it is visually coming to life.

The partnership with iMobile3 builds on the DG3 Digital Marketing GroupÍs expertise in developing enterprise mobile communications strategies. According to Lindfeldt, ñMore and more DG3 clients are asking us to develop mobile apps as part of their integrated mobile strategies and marketing campaigns. Mobile apps not only serve as an integral part of todayÍs comprehensive mobile marketing strategies, they alsoengage customers more interactively, increase adoption rates, and improve campaign ROI.They also help to position a brand as highly relevant and tuned into customersÍ purchasing behaviors. Depending on the complexity of the engagement, we can offer the most appropriate technology solution.î DG3Íscross-platform mobile apps work on all models of Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.

Lindfeldt continues, ñWe are already working with selected clients on mobile app and augmented reality programs as an extension of their current digital marketing and mobile engagement campaigns. Working in partnership with top-tier solutions providers, such as iMobile3, allows DG3 to continually deliver highquality consumer experiences for our clients who wantto reach customers in more interesting and exciting ways.î

Sample DG3ÍsAugmented Reality experience by downloading the “DG3 ARrow” app from Apple’siTunes app store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id580988694?mt=8

About DG3 Digital Marketing

DG3 Digital Marketing, a business unit of DG3 Group, is a comprehensive provider of end-to-end web, mobile, and social solutions. Utilizing a unique Target/Engage/Transact approach, we help our clients implement and execute marketing communication campaigns that reach more consumers using multiple mediums to create more interactions that ultimately drive more transactions. For additional information, visit www.dg3dmark.com.

About iMobile3

iMobile3 delivers both consumer facing and enterprise mobile applications for some of the most recognizable brands on the planet. The company is transforming customer engagement models through its AppeAR» and ShockAR» augmented reality platforms. iMobile3 is powering mobile marketing campaigns using its PassConnect» platform, which facilitates a brands placement inside AppleÍs Passbook». For more information, visit www.iMobile3.com.