DG3 Announces the Acquisition of PharmAid Industries, Inc.

Jersey City, New Jersey July 17, 2008: The DG3 Group, a leading provider of global graphic communication solutions, announced today the acquisition of Pharmaid Industries, Inc. PharmAid provides comprehensive graphic communications solutions to leading global pharmaceutical firms.

In connection with the acquisition of PharmAid, DG3 will begin marketing its service offering to pharmaceutical firms as Pharmaid Solutions. DG3 offers advanced technological solutions and comprehensive worldwide graphic communication services to pharmaceutical companies throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

DG3’s comprehensive solutions to pharmaceutical firms include communications program management, marketing and procurement services outsourcing, package engineering solutions, digital personalized communications, direct mail, journal reprint management and other services commonly required in the physician and patient communication lifecycle.

“The acquisition of PharmAid accelerates DG3’s strategy of offering best-in-class and customer centric communications solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. We are pleased to have one of the largest and most revered communications suppliers to pharmaceutical firms join our organization to further our commitment to the pharmaceutical industry,” commented Dr. Michael Cunningham, DG3’s CEO.

Carl Giuseppone, CEO of PharmAid commented, “Our primary client has expressed their firm support and encouragement for this transaction. I believe this combination is responsive to the trend in the pharmaceutical industry to think global and seek firms who can provide a comprehensive range of communications solutions.”

Additional details of the transaction were not disclosed.

To learn more about Pharmaid Solutions, please visit www.dg3.com.

About The DG3 Group of Companies

DG3 is a leading provider of worldwide print and communications solutions operating in strategic geographic markets worldwide including Jersey City, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, and Manila. DG3 provides comprehensive graphic communication solutions to corporate, financial services, pharmaceutical and academic institutions worldwide. For more information, please visit www.dg3.com.

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