DG3 Announces Availability of FundInSite», the Mutual Fund IndustryÍs Most User Friendly and Efficient Summary Prospectus Solution

Jersey City, New Jersey, February 17, 2010: Diversified Global Graphics Group (DG3), a worldwide leader in printing and electronic communication solutions, announced the availability of its FundInSite» summary prospectus and shareholder report document solution. The introduction of the industry’s most user friendly and advanced solution is a result of detailed voice-of-the-customer research with leading fund companies. In connection with the launch, DG3 is advising Fund companies to consider the possible positive marketing impact of this new requirement and the introduction of new complexity into the compliance workflow.

Key system features:

  • High quality marketing appeal and most user friendly for fund shareholders: DG3’s system preserves the marketing value of the fund company and makes the user experience transparent between the fund’s site and the document viewing site. DG3’s user interface provides more cross linking and hyper linking than any other system. Multiple access points to documents and sections of documents leads to usability across all ranges of users. No plug-ins are required to use the DG3 system and no page loading times are needed.
  • Single source solution: DG3’s solution integrates proprietary viewer and website construction technology. The technology was developed and is managed in-house with no reliance onæ outside service providers or partners for any element of its service. In addition, DG3 offers composition, EDGAR filing, on-demand and offset printing, mailing and fulfillment services. The company also provides inbound web, email and phone request processing.
  • Immediate availability of documents: If the documents are created by DG3, then they are available the instant they are approved. If the fund provides PDF’s, they are available within 2 – 4 hours.
  • No customization fees: Our proprietary system allows us to deploy a highly custom site with little expense and very little time, so we charge no customization or upfront fees for the system.
  • Rapid availability:æ Site deployment can take as little as one week due to the proprietary structure of the technology.
  • Analytics engine:æ DG3’s system is the only system in the industry that provides real time analytics regarding the type of content being reviewed and several levels of insight that can help fund marketers learn more about shareholder interests through their use and interaction with compliance documents, all while respecting applicable privacy laws.

Fixed demonstrations via WebEx»:
DG3 is hosting web demonstrations of the system each Wednesday at 1pm Eastern Standard Time. For an invitation to a demonstration, fund companies may email: fund.insite@dg3.com and a login to the demonstration will promptly be emailed.

Contacts for a free personalized demonstration of the system:
If a fund company would like a personalized demonstration with the look and feel of the fund,æcontact the following individuals:

Fund Companies East of Chicago:
Bill Ballbach

Fund Companies Chicago and West:
Jim Molloy
303- 256-3447

About The DG3 Group of Companies:
DG3 is a leader in environmental responsibility providing worldwide print and communications solutions in strategic geographic markets worldwide including Jersey City, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, and Manila. DG3 provides comprehensive graphic communication solutions to corporate, financial services, pharmaceutical and academic institutions worldwide. For more information, please visit www.dg3.com.

Joe Lindfeldt
Executive Vice President
US: 201-793-5060