Cruise Industry Managed Services

Reduce costs, streamline print supply chains, increase flexibility for guest communications and reduce environmental impact.

We are a leading global supplier of print solutions to the cruise industry.

We manage the onboard print facilities of vessels at sea using leading people, processes and technology. The “Managed Print @ Sea” solution offers the first ever professional digital solution for cruise lines looking to outsource management and fulfillment of their printed materials. This includes the reduction of environmental impact of print processing and on demand guest communications.

We Provide Creative and Managed Print at Sea

We deliver high performance digital equipment to cruise lines around the world, producing guest communications on board and on demand. We also supply all required parts, toner and paper as a unified service. Finally, we provide the staff required to create your communications and product them.

We Provide On-shore Print

We provide a wide variety of in-house printing solutions in our shoreside facilities. These include offset, web, NCR and digital printing services along with all required finishing. And we deliver these materials on-time in full to you ships.

We’re Global

We can meet you at any port, whether materials or services are needed in Civitavecchia or delivered quayside to a ship in Dubai, we get it done.

We’re Compliant

We conform to the 2006 MLC rules and regulations. All staff members are required to have a valid passport for at least 9 months after the contract has started. Full medicals must be passed prior to boarding. All original documentation is reviewed and supplied prior to the start of any staffing contract.


Interested in a career working on a cruise ship? Please complete our contact form. Working on board a cruise ship is an exciting way to see the world while building a strong career. We provide extensive shoreside training and as well as continued learning on board. We offer our clients the highest possible standards of service.

We provide clients with excellent customer service, excellent products, on time, every time. In order to do this, we must be responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of the Print Shop and the equipment.

Individualized responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintain the digital presses and other equipment to the highest standards
  • Control on board inventory including paper and machine supplies
  • Ensure accurate production of all orders and meet collection requirements
  • Reinforce quality standards and procedures
  • All staff whilst on board, are considered a member of the ship’s crew and have ship responsibilities. As a member of the team you will be assigned the following responsibilities:
    • Safety manning – All crew will be assigned a safety duty. You will be trained accordingly once onboard.
    • In Port Manning – While in port a percentage of the crew may need to be onboard in case of emergency.

During the first voyage joiners will attend three training sessions which will discuss safety issues and other onboard policies. Refresher trainings will be once a month. Attendance is mandatory.

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Please make contact with your local DG3 office for a comprehensive guide to how our cruise industry management solutions can help you achieve your objectives.

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