Introducing SendCore™ Automated Direct Mail

SendCore is an integrated SaaS application and production platform that enables you to programmatically send personalized, printed communications directly from your CRM.

Limitations With Today’s Digital Approach

Digital-first communications offer speed and automation, but not without limitations that impose a ceiling on customer experience, effectiveness, and ROI. These limitations include:

  • Crowded inboxes and digital exhaustion
  • Lack of regard for channel preference
  • Offline, inefficient processes built on email and ftp sites


Your marketing teams are being asked to do more with less. SendCore gives you the tools to be more efficient by automating what has previously been a labor intensive, offline process. Pursue better outcomes and realize the benefits of marketing automation across print as well! With SendCore, you can:

Use Cases

Physical Touchpoint
Migrate audience members to physical mail who don’t open, respond, or receive emails

Winback Lapsed Customers
Connect with customers who have stopped using your services

Star Customers
Thank top customers with a gift or exclusive offer

Acknowledge birthdays or other life events with a greeting card

Service Reminders
Remind customers to schedule periodic maintenance or service appointments


Movers n’ Shakers
Send personalized print or promo items to prospects as they move through your pipeline

  • Reach contacts not accessible through digital channels
  • Use tactile communications when it is more appropriate, improving your customer experience
  • Streamline the offline print management process, making it more transparent and efficient
  • Implement address correction and bad address suppression to avoid wasted postage now and in the future
  • Automatic updates back to your CRM
  • Trigger production, so the communication is timely and more effective
  • Leverage CRM data and events so communication is more relevant
  • Avoid waiting to mail large batches
  • Save time and money with simple and rapid implementation without custom integrations or IT support
  • Rest easy with proven technology and trusted partners


  • Simple setup process similar to email campaigns
  • Test your first campaign within two weeks
  • No long term investment or commitment

Featured Resource

SendCore Sell Sheet

Now you can trigger and track real mail in your cloud, as easy as email. Stand out with personalized letters, cards, brochures, and gifts -- with no coding, complex APIs, or manual processes.

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