Employee Spotlight | Domenic Pizzanelli

At DG3, one of our core brand pillars is “the right people behind the best technology.” It goes on to say that, “at the heart of our company is our people and our technology. We invest in the newest, most cutting-edge technology with the understanding that it’s just 1s and 0s without the right individuals to channel its power. That’s why our people take precedence.” This is a statement that we truly take to heart, as we know that our work and the outcomes that we provide are only as strong as the people behind it. As we settle into the beginnings of 2021, we want to take a moment to recognize one of our employees who embodies what it means to be a leader at DG3 every single day; our Lead Facilities Engineer, Domenic Pizzanelli. 

Since the onset, Domenic has been instrumental in leading DG3’s efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. In the face of a year that undeniably challenged and changed us, both on an individual and a worldwide level, it would have been easy understandable, even to pause, to second-guess, to let the fear of the unknown paralyze us from moving forward. This was never the case for Domenic; he was consistently ahead of the curve in forecasting the needs of DG3 to protect our employees and clients. Each day, he showcased an innate sense of proactivity and selflessness, never needing to be told to do something to make the workplace safer. For the past year, he has continuously risen to the occasion, providing a sense of safety and familiarity to the entire DG3 family and, in turn, our valued customers. 

It goes without saying that reacting to a novel virus does not come with a roadmap. Yet Domenic never panicked, immediately understanding the severity of the situation and springing to action with precision and confidence to forge a course for us to follow. This was the case weeks before the pandemic even hit America Domenic had already taken it upon himself to ensure our employees were equipped with hand sanitizer and masks, and even worked to personally install antiviral misters in the facility within one week. As with any company, we have had to adjust and revamp; the DG3 of one year ago admittedly looks far different than the DG3 of today. But in many ways, we’re better than before. Our procedures are diligent and intentional, prioritizing the health and safety of all those we work with. While many companies have had to shut down, DG3 has been able to push forward with “business as usual.” Our doors have proudly remained open each day, providing a place of security that has often felt far safer than the outside world. This was truly only made possible with Domenic’s leadership at the forefront.

They say that pressure creates diamonds, but in Domenic’s case, this is inaccurate. While he has certainly shined through the chaos of 2020, he has always been a rock to DG3 solid, steadfast, and selfless. His work ethic, positivity, and commitment to DG3 during these unprecedented times is not unprecedented for him; it’s reflective of his personality, of his commitment to others, of who he has proven himself to be as an individual for the two years that we have had the pleasure to work alongside him. While Domenic has undeniably been the face of leading the company’s adaptations to COVID protocols, it’s the actions that he takes behind the scenes each day that are every bit as impactful but often unnoticed. Perhaps most impressively, the enormous responsibilities associated with his role never impacts his temperament. On a given day, you will find Domenic smiling, socializing with and often providing a home cooked lunch for his colleagues-turned-friends.

When asked to describe Domenic, many DG3 team members offered similar sentiments, each of which speak to the depth of his character. Some spoke to his passion for his career; that he’s one of the most talented and effective planners and project managers they’ve had the opportunity to work with; that he continuously goes above and beyond his job description; that he embodies what it means to be a team player. Others emphasized who he is as an individual, speaking to his humility, his reliability, and his trustworthiness. Dan Feltus, Director of Manufacturing stated that, “time and time again, he never lets anyone down. If Domenic is on it, we can all rest easy.” Domenic’s positivity and team-player mentality is felt by every employee at DG3, not just his internal team. Ultimately, it’s clear that his impact is far greater than himself that he’s the type of person you want to know, the type that makes everyone around him a bit better than he found them. It’s people like Domenic that make DG3 a place we can be proud to work for. 

Thank you, Domenic. You are a true leader of DG3 and your daily efforts don’t go unnoticed. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you.