Dg3 Reduces Carbon Footprint with Green Power Purchase



Jersey City, New Jersey August 17, 2009 – DG3 – Diversified Global Graphics Group (dG3) announced today that it appears as number 4 on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) new Top 20 Printers List of the largest green power purchasers in the commercial printing business.æ DG3 is purchasing more than 10 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power annually, which is enough green power to meet 100 percent of the organization’s purchased electricity use. DG3 is buying renewable energy certificates (RECs) from Hess Energy Marketing.

The Top 20 Printers List, which debuted on July 27, is one of nine Top Partner Lists that EPA releases quarterly, highlighting some of America’s largest green power purchasers.æ DG3 currently ranks No. 4 on EPA’s Top 20 Printers List.

“DG3 is committed to being an industry leader in environmental and green power initiatives. We embrace our position as corporate citizens and our ability to improve the local and global environment. DG3 will continue to endorse renewable energy investments as a primary focus in our environmental responsibility programs,” commented Tom Saggiomo, President and Chief Operating Officer of DG3.

This purchase also qualifies DG3 for EPA’s Green Power Leadership Club, a distinction given to organizations that have significantly exceeded EPA’s minimum purchase requirements.æ Green Power Leadership Club members must purchase ten times the partnership’s minimum requirement organization-wide.æ

Green power is electricity that is generated from environmentally preferable renewable resources, such as wind, solar, geothermal, biogas, biomass and low-impact hydro.æ These resources generate electricity with a net zero increase in carbon dioxide emissions, while offering a superior environmental profile compared to traditional power generation sources.æ Green power purchases also support the development of new renewable energy generation sources nationwide.

“EPA commends our leading partners for their continued commitment to protecting the environment by using green power,” said Kathleen Hogan, Director of the Climate Protection Partnerships Division at EPA. “By supporting green power, Diversified Global Graphics Group is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, supporting clean energy technologies, and contributing to a clean energy future.”

According to the U.S. EPA, DG3’s green power purchase of more than 10 million kWh is equivalent to avoiding the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of more than 1,000 passenger vehicles per year, or is the equivalent amount of electricity needed to power more than 1,000 average American homes annually.

DG3 is committed to environmental initiatives and manages the effort through an internally appointed Green Team comprised from a cross section of staff throughout the business. The team identifies and executes programs with positive environmental implications for the community. Among these initiatives are waste stream recycling building wide, FSC, SFI and PEFC chain of custody certifications and other initiatives like transit check voucher to encourage mass transit.

About DG3 – Diversified Global Graphics Group
DG3 is a recognized environmental leader providing worldwide print and digital communications solutions operating in strategic geographic markets worldwide including the USA, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, and the Philippines. DG3 provides comprehensive graphic and digital communication solutions to corporate, financial services, pharmaceutical and academic institutions worldwide. For more information, please visit www.dg3.com.

About EPA’s Green Power Partnership
The Green Power Partnership is a voluntary program that encourages organizations to buy green power as a way to reduce the environmental impacts associated with purchased electricity use. The Partnership currently has more than 1,100 Partner organizations voluntarily purchasing billions of kilowatt-hours of green power annually. Partners include a wide variety of leading organizations such as Fortune 500 companies, small and medium sized businesses, local, state, and federal governments, and colleges and universities.æ For additional information, please visit https://www.epa.gov/greenpower.

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