DG3 North America Expands Digital Platform with Addition of HP Indigo 10000 and HP Indigo 7800 Digital Printing Presses

Jersey City, New Jersey, January 16, 2015: Diversified Global Graphics Group (DG3), a leading provider of global print, technology, and visual communication services, today announced the installation of two HP Indigo presses, the HP Indigo 10000 and HP Indigo 7800, at its’ North American operations. The presses will be operational by the end of January.

The new Indigos complement DG3’s existing digital operations which cover the full array of digital production capabilities, including the high-speed HP T230 inkjet web press, and further establish DG3’s position as one of the largest digital print providers in the world.

The HP equipment investment is consistent with DG3’s strategy to transform traditional printed communications into highly dynamic data-driven marketing communications. Through its Custom Communications Group, DG3 provides comprehensive solutions for clients with complex communications requirements. In addition, the new presses enable DG3 to migrate traditionally offset printed communications to digital production without sacrificing quality.

“With the addition of this equipment, there can be no question that DG3 provides the most comprehensive array of print and finishing solutions to our clients.” commented Tom Saggiomo, DG3’s CEO. He continued to say “The sustained investment in our digital platform is the most significant opportunity we have in our print operations to remain relevant to our clients and help them improve the impact of their critical communications.”æ

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