DG3 Digital Marketing Launches Near Field Communication Solution

Allows Consumer Brands to Offer Secure Transactions Via a Simple Touch of Their Smart Phones

Jersey City, NJ, April 30, 2012: Diversified Global Graphics Group (DG3), a Jersey City-based marketing and visual communications company, announced today that its Digital Marketing Group has launched its full service Near Field Communication (NFC) offering. Beginning immediately, the Jersey City-based marketing and visual communications company will offer procurement, encoding, and testing of NFC chips, as well as integration into campaign collateral. NFC provides an innovative and convenient way for consumer brands to allow their customers to make secure transactions and connect to digital content„with a simple touch of any NFC-enabled smart phone.

“NFC is a type of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip that can be embedded in 2-dimensional campaign materials including posters, magazines, cards, and signage, as well as in 3-dimensional items such as wristbands, tokens, and key fobs. Similar to QR codes, NFC chips contain web destinations and other data. When you lightly touch an NFC-enabled smartphone to an item with an NFC tag, it instantly uploads the information embedded in the tag to your mobile device. The number of smartphones enabled with NFC readers grows every day, and NFC tags require nothing but a simple tap from the consumer„with no need to download or open an app to access information.

“As an embedded digital advertising tool, NFC allows marketers to target, engage, and enable transactions with customers simply and securely,” explained Joe Lindfeldt, Executive Vice President for Strategic Development at DG3. “As a leader in mobile engagement, we are committed to delivering high quality consumer experiences for our clients who need to reach a mobile audience„and NFC is the next chapter.”

“DG3 implements the most up-to-date technologies in ways that optimize the user experience. Our multi-purpose tags combine NFC and QR Codes, enabling campaigns to reach a broader audience,” added Steven Kosovich, Vice President of Digital Marketing. “DG3 Digital Marketing is consistently at the forefront with its mobile engagement offerings, integrating todayÍs latest technology into mobile marketing campaigns while preparing for developing technologies, such as Bluetooth 4.0.”

NFC provides the latest mobile on-ramp for marketers to reach more consumers.In addition to its NFC solutions, DG3 also offers branded QR codes, SMS, mobile-optimized email, automated device optimization, location-based services, secure and private video streaming, seamless social media integration, and M-Commerce sites as part of its growing family of mobile engagement technologies.

NFC Advantages At a Glance

  • Intuitive: NFC interactions require no more than a simple touch
  • Versatile: NFC is ideally suited to a broad range of industries, environments, and uses
  • Open and standards-based: The underlying layers of NFC technology follow universally implemented ISO, ECMA, and ETSI standards
  • Technology enabling: NFC facilitates fast and simple setup of wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
  • Inherently secure: NFC transmissions are short range (from a touch to a few centimeters)
  • Interoperable: NFC works with existing contactless card technologies
  • Security-ready: NFC has built-in capabilities to support secure applications

Learn more about NFC by DG3 at www.dg3dmark.com/mobile-engagement/NFC.html

About DG3 Digital Marketing

DG3 Digital Marketing, a business unit of DG3 Group, is a comprehensive provider of end-to-end web, mobile, and social solutions. Utilizing a unique Target/Engage/Transact approach, we help our clients implement and execute marketing communication campaigns that reach more consumers using multiple mediums to create more interactions that ultimately drive more transactions. For additional information, visit www.dg3.com and click on Digital Marketing.