DG3 Compliance Solutions Announces Launch of Disclosure 2.0, a Microsoft Word¬ based Tool for Creating, Editing and Filing Stylized Shareholder Communications

Jersey City, NJ, June 19, 2014: Diversified Global Graphics Group (DG3), a leading provider of global print, technology, and visual communication services, announced today that DG3 North AmericaÍs Compliance Solutions business has launched the Disclosure 2.0 compliance document management platform as part of its current full service financial document management suite. The Disclosure 2.0 workflow enables the secure preparation of stylized SEC disclosure documents from Microsoft Word¬.

DG3 has entered an exclusive licensing agreement with Digital Publishing Solutions, Inc. (DPSI) for its DPSIDox core document management technology and incorporated the technology into is Disclosure 2.0 platform. Disclosure 2.0 is a cloud-based platform providing robust workflow, collaboration and stylized document management in a self-service or managed service environment for corporate shareholder communications clients. The Disclosure 2.0 platform fully leverages the robust capabilities of Microsoft Sharepoint¬ and Microsoft Office¬ and provides users with the following functionalities:

´ Working in Microsoft Office¬: All documents are managed in Microsoft Word¬ giving users the ability to work in a familiar environment during the creation and editing process.

´ Fully Stylized Documents: Users are able to work real-time in fully stylized templates that were historically only available in higher end publishing platforms like Adobe InDesign¬.

´ Charts and Graphs Generation: Users are able to select high-impact charts and graphics, enter data and instantly render then incorporate these elements into their documents, saving countless hours of editing and the cost associated with the edits.

´ Fully Integrated Workflow and Collaboration: Users can collaborate on documents and document chapters through real time chat, addition of version notes, and detailed approval processes for larger organizations with multiple document owners.

´ Version Control: The platform provides complete version control and robust black lining capabilities to ensure full control of a documentÍs evolution.

´ Instant Single Source Output File Creation: At one-click of a button, the print ready PDF, web ready PDF, HTML EDGAR filing and XBRL instance are output and ready for use.

ñDG3 has spent two years working to identify the best overall platform for creating, editing and filing highly stylized SEC documents. The DPSIDox platform is hands down the best available platform for our Compliance Solutions clients, especially when compared to existing home-grown platforms or platforms leveraging light word processing solutions like Google Docs¬î, commented Tom Saggiomo, DG3Ís Chief Executive Officer.

ñWe are delighted to exclusively license our technology to DG3 for corporate shareholder communicationsî, commented DPSIÍs President, John Bartlett. ñWe expect exciting developments from DG3 over the coming months and our platform is the perfect complement to their strategy in the shareholder communications market.î

About The DG3 Group of Companies DG3 is a leader in environmental responsibility providing visual communications solutions in strategic geographic markets including New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney and Manila. DG3 provides its comprehensive graphic and interactive solutions to corporate, financial services, and pharmaceutical firms worldwide. For more information, please visit www.dg3.com.

About DG3 Compliance Solutions As a global leader in shareholder communications for more than twenty years, DG3 understands the complexity of SEC compliance. Our roots in financial services printing are the ideal foundation for our comprehensive document management solutions. We maintain the highest standards of confidentiality, professionalism, and execution for some of the worldÍs largest public companies and mutual funds. This unique combination of experience and expertise positions us on the cutting edge of financial communications today. For more information, please visit www.compliance.dg3.com


Joe Lindfeldt