DG3 Announces creation of Argyle Corporate Governance Advisory Firm

Jersey City, NJ, June 23, 2014: Diversified Global Graphics Group (DG3), a leading provider of global print, technology, and visual communication services, today announced the creation of Argyle. Argyle will offer specialized advisory services to corporations, initially focusing on practical and effective communications on corporate governance and executive compensation matters and shareholder engagement.

ArgyleÍs mission is to offer unique insights and innovative ideas, enabling clients to communicate their governance messages effectively and confidently. Iain Poole, Managing Director, and Bob Lamm, Senior Advisor, will lead Argyle client engagements. Throughout their careers, Iain and Bob have challenged conventions in SEC reporting and shareholder engagement, and in doing so have contributed to successful outcomes.

Initially, Argyle will deliver the following services:

´ Corporate Governance Engagement: Developing and executing effective messaging and engagement strategies.

´ Disclosure Education: Conducting in-person and online education programs for Corporate Secretaries, legal and IR professionals to address current governance topics and disclosure.

´ Disclosure Drafting: Delivering clear, effective messaging within the proxy statement and other governance documents.

´ Graphics and Design: Designing high-impact graphics, infographics and information for disclosure documents to enhance ease of navigation and draw attention to critical aspects of a companyÍs governance and compensation strategies.

´ Document Execution: ArgyleÍs advisory services integrate seamlessly into DG3Ís Compliance Solutions business, including the innovative Disclosure 2.0 (Word to Design) platform, enabling full client control from drafting through to document delivery in print, EDGAR and mobile.

ñI have spent much of my career enhancing how corporations communicate with their shareholders, and am grateful to have worked with some of the very best people in this field, including my colleagues, industry experts and professionals from leading companies worldwide,î commented Iain Poole, ArgyleÍs Managing Director. ñI am excited to bring my experience to Argyle, where we aspire to deliver the tools, strategies and ideas that will enable our clients to reach their full potential.î

ñWe are excited to be working with Iain and the Argyle team on this new business. Legislative and regulatory changes and shareholder activism have placed a sharp focus on issues such as board performance and executive compensation. This has changed SEC disclosure documents, and as such we see a clear opportunity to offer our clients thought leadership in shareholder engagement,î commented Tom Saggiomo, DG3Ís Chief Executive Officer. Continuing, Tom said, ñEnhanced corporate governance communication strategies and document design precede DG3Ís document management, print and distribution services provided to public companies through our Compliance Solutions business. Clients will now benefit from an integrated best-in-class solution for drafting through delivery of shareholder communications.”

About Argyle

Argyle advises corporations on the effective communication of corporate governance. Our expert team combines experience in the fields of governance engagement, executive compensation and SEC disclosure. For more information, please visit www.argyle.company.


About The DG3 Group of Companies

DG3 is a leader in environmental responsibility providing visual communications solutions in strategic geographic markets including New York, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney and Manila. DG3 provides its comprehensive graphic and interactive solutions to corporate, financial services, and pharmaceutical firms worldwide. For more information, please visit www.dg3.com.



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