CGI North America, Inc. Launches AltSource 34» EDGAR Filing Solution and Offers Free Trial to Attract Subscribers

CGI North America, Inc. has launched AltSource 34™ (, an internet-based, self-service solution that empowers corporations to take full control of all aspects of 34 Act regulatory report creation and EDGAR filing using the Microsoft® Office Suite.

Jersey City, New Jersey, January, 8th 2007 – CGI North America, Inc., an affiliate of The CGI Group and the United States’ fourth largest financial printer, announced today that following its BETA testing period, it has launched its single-source automated online document solution for authoring, editing, EDGARizing and printing of 34 Act regulatory filings. AltSource 34™ manages the entire creation process for forms 10-K, 10-Q, NPS and 8-K from one centralized source.

The solution will cost a fixed fee of $30.00 per processed page or users may sign up for an unlimited use annual subscription at the cost of $4,000.00 per year. AltSource 34™ is estimated to deliver a 40% savings versus traditional methods. Companies interested in the solution will receive a no obligation limited free trial in order to familiarize themselves with the product.

The solution is fully supported by CGI North America’s traditional composition and EDGAR filing. Staff members are available to support users at any stage of the filing process.

“Following our BETA testing process, we are extremely confident that this solution will add tremendous value to our existing clients and to all other corporations engaged in the regulatory filing process.”, commented David Klaiss, President of CGI North America, “The system makes regulatory filings easier, less expensive and more transparent. Companies taking advantage of the free trial will experience this first-hand.” Klaiss concluded.

AltSource 34™ is the first secure Internet based system leveraging the power of the Microsoft® Office Suite to drive a proprietary output engine for automatically converting regulatory report data to an EDGAR-compliant format, an HTML output, a print PDF and a web viewable PDF. The system also allows users to easily order printed materials to meet its reporting requirements. The Phase 2 system will automatically file XBRL compliant data and include other commonly used SEC 34 Act filings.

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