CGI Group (Holdings) Limited Acquires ADP Graphic Communications, Inc.

London, England January 19, 2006 CGI Group (Holdings) Limited, a worldwide print and communications provider, announced today the completion of the purchase of ADP Graphic Communications, Inc., the financial and commercial printing services business of ADP Brokerage Services Group.

The CGI Group is made up of the former international printing operations of Cunningham Graphics International, Inc., which were divested by ADP in February 2004. Those operations were acquired by The CGI Group in a management buyout.

Peter Furlonge, Chairman of The CGI Group, commented, “We are very pleased to complete this transaction and are extremely eager to rejoin the businesses of Cunningham Graphics International, Inc. and take them to new levels as a premier global print and communications provider.” Continuing, Mr. Furlonge said “The value that ADP has brought to this business and the international business is immeasurable and will be leveraged every day.”

“This choice makes sense for our business and we are pleased to complete this transaction with one of the original principals of Cunningham Graphics International, Inc.,” commented Rich Daly, co-President, ADP Brokerage Services Group. “ADP has a strong relationship with CGI, and we expect a smooth transition for the financial services firms that rely on us as their business partner.”


Notes to Editors

Together with this transaction, The CGI Group is a leading provider of worldwide print and communications with around £100million in revenues and 800 employees. The business operates in strategic geographic markets worldwide including Jersey City, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, and Manila. The CGI Group is the world’s largest producer of time-sensitive investment research, and is one of the largest financial and commercial printing companies worldwide.

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