Argyle, DG3’s Corporate Governance Advisory Firm Announces Appointment of David M. Bobker as Advisory Director

New York, NY, October 30, 2014

Argyle announced today the expansion of its practice with the addition of David M. Bobker in the role of Advisory Director. Mr. Bobker brings a deep understanding of investor expectations around proxy issues, and will assist clients with all aspects of the communications and shareholder engagement process.

Dave was most recently Senior Vice President of AST Phoenix Advisors. Before joining AST, he spent seven years with Georgeson and was one of the founders of Laurel Hill Advisors. Dave provides tailored corporate governance and advisory services to a broad range of issuers and has led dozens of high-profile corporate actions and proxy fights. As a recognized industry expert in the areas of corporate governance, shareholder activism, executive compensation, and equity compensation plans, Dave is active in the SCSGP and NIRI and is a frequent speaker for leading institutions including New York Stock Exchange, The Governance Exchange, and NASPP.

Argyle and DG3 offer an integrated solution for the publication of effective disclosures which encompasses advisory, drafting, design, document execution, print and website development.

  • Disclosure Education: in-person and online education programs for Corporate Secretaries, legal and IR professionals.
  • Corporate Governance Engagement: proactive shareholder engagement strategies.
  • Disclosure Drafting: recognized SEC disclosure experts deliver clear, effective messaging.
  • Graphics and Design: high-impact graphics, infographics and information design for clear and persuasive disclosure documents.
  • Document Execution: Argyle’s advisory services integrate seamlessly into DG3’s compliance solutions, including the Disclosure 2.0 (Word to Design) platform, which enables full, collaborative client control from drafting through to delivery of visually impactful documents in print, EDGAR and mobile.

Iain Poole, Argyle Managing Director commented “I have worked with Dave for many years and have found his insights and advice to corporations to be invaluable.” Poole continued, “Bob Lamm, an Argyle Advisory Director and I are thrilled to have Dave join our advisory team; our clients will benefit from his thorough understanding of investors’ governance and compensation concerns, and the underlying factors that drive their philosophies.”

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