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Strengthen Your Communications

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We understand the pressure public facing companies have to create beautiful, easy-to-digest communications for their internal and external audiences. Our world-class services and solutions backed by our advisory, design and compliance experience is why so many global brands trust DG3.

Services for Public Companies

Experience the support of our service-based team for every aspect of your financial reporting process. Whether you need us to restructure your data and documents to reduce printing and mailing costs or increase shareholder participation and discern key information with a newly developed microsite, DG3 can assist. Our services include:

  • Typesetting and EDGAR filing
  • XBRL
  • Financial printing
  • Distribution services
  • Shareholder website development
  • Advisory and Design
  • Online document management
  • Shareholder website development

Solutions for Public Companies

Let our lead advisors shape your story with our original approach to communications. DG3 advises, drafts, designs, and executes print and digital communications for corporate governance, securities law, executive compensation, investor relations and any communications public companies must distribute.

Communications We Manage:

  • Proxy
  • Annual Reports and 10K
  • 10Q’s and Section 16 Filings
  • Sustainability Reports
  • Code of Conduct
  • Institutional Investor Engagement

Secure Communications for Public Companies

DG3’s in-house document management, print and finishing services ensure critical information is organized, housed and distributed in the most accurate and secure way possible. As one of the top 3 financial printing service firms in the world, our highly flexible service delivery, thought-leading Advisors and striking information design solutions are pivotal to public companies evolving needs and objectives.