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Diversified Global Graphics Group - DG3 is one of the world's most dynamic and customer centric print and communications groups
Compliance Review

For timely and useful tips to improve shareholder communications, read Compliance Review, DG3's monthly newsletter for regulatory compliance and corporate governance professionals.

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Financial Print Services

As with all financial communications, secure premises, secure data servers and technology infrastructures, a trusted team and a comprehensive business continuity plan are vital.

DG3 has all this and more - we view regulatory investor communications as a core service, not just periodic work to fill our production schedules. This focus aligns our capabilities with your needs: timely production and safe distribution of your compliance documents.

Let DG3 manage the entire process, and rest assured you're in safe and trusted hands, with far fewer points of contact than traditional models where utilizing multiple service providers are required.

Our full range of global financial communications services includes:

  • Mutual Fund Shareholder reports
  • Fund Factsheets
  • Statement & trade confirmations
  • Notice of proxy statements
  • Quarterly and interim account statements
  • Investor relations solutions - across all media
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • IPOs / SPOs / MBOs
  • Annual Reports - print and online
  • 10-K/10-Q Forms
  • XBRL

Time-sensitive research

Printed and distributed in any region worldwide, delivered on time, every time. With innovative on-line tools, unrivalled expertise and global quality assurance, DG3 is a market leader in research publishing.

  • Equity Research
  • Fixed Income Research
  • Economic Research

Unrivalled research print service

Your research empowers decisions, but only if it gets to the client in time. Our "End to End" service means we finish what we start. Your research products are printed and bound in the same facility, with no outsourcing to a third party. Finished material is distributed directly to key financial markets fast, using our own fleet of delivery vehicles, or by our dedicated mail services making multiple daily drops to domestic and international airport terminals.

We serve the most respected firms in the world and have led the way for over a decade. Now you can take advantage of the same innovative and versatile print production services - your own way.

Value-added services for our research clients

As the world’s leading producer of time-sensitive research, DG3 has a unique understanding and pedigree in this field. Over many years we have maintained this position by continuing to innovate and add value to our clients with technology-led solutions and services.

These include:

  • ClientNet – a web-based print management and document archive solution
  • Split print – immediate 'price versus time' data to determine optimum distributions
  • AltSource – our proprietary templating, document management and workflow solution that helps to speed up authoring, approvals and distribution (print and electronic) of your research
  • i-version – an automatic print-to-web conversion engine to allow you to instantly publish your research on websites without the need to re-key information

DG3 - Print 100

Being one of the 100 largest printing groups in the world and with over 30 years print experience, DG3 are well positioned to provide advanced lithographic offset printing and state-of-the-art digital printing services that meet your needs around the world.

DG3 - Printing presses

Globally, our cutting edge B1 to B3 printing presses include the latest and most advanced 6 color heat web print presses, 8 colour Heidelberg Speedmaster's and Solna cold set web print presses, 2 and 4 color.

DG3 - Print volume

Printing millions of time sensitive and quality-critical print documents daily, dg3 handle every kind of requirement from straightforward business printed stationery to research reports, printed annual reports, fund print communications, confidential shareholder mailings, prospectuses, print marketing materials, personalized direct mail campaigns and all manner of color-critical commercial print.

DG3 - contact us

Please make contact with your local DG3 office for a comprehensive guide to how our print services can assist you.